The Role of new sports culture influencing different countries

The influence of sports betting in the culture of different countries. 

Betting role in society

Betting has become an integral part of social life in a great number of countries. As a result, big sports earn billions – money comes through sponsorship contracts with bookmakers who make money on all these bets. Bookmakers conduct large-scale sponsorship activities, supporting sports clubs and federations. States are also not at a loss – they receives percent’s of each winning as a tax.

The governments take the development of national sports, especially football, seriously, and therefore does not interfere with the mass passion for betting. For quick betting it’s better an app, try to get 1xbet app download for android and start wagering on your phone online.

India’s betting world

In India, bets are highly sought after national sports such as cricket, as well as card games and lotteries. Bets on political events, reality television shows are also on demand lately. Interesting statistic: India has a rapidly growing online betting market, worth around $60 billion and estimated to be one of the fastest growing in the world. This is due to the increase in the number of mobile users and the availability of the Internet.

Bangladesh: Sports Betting Culture

In Bangladesh, sports betting has carved out its audience, albeit somewhat differently compared to other countries. While the approach to gambling in the country may not be as liberal as in some other places, the popularity of betting on sporting events, especially cricket, is on the rise. Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of Bangladeshis, and this attachment extends to the realm of sports betting. With the development of online platforms and mobile applications, betting on cricket matches is becoming more accessible to the masses. This trend is supported by the widespread availability of smartphones and the internet, allowing people to conveniently place bets from their devices.


Canada: 75% gaming population

Oddly enough, cold Canada is among the top 4 most gaming countries in the world. During important matches in Canada, life literally comes to a standstill. For millions of people during these hours, there are only goals, sticks and pucks, and, of course, bets. Sometimes deals are concluded not even in online bookmakers, but in a warm friendly circle. The Canadian government controls the bookmaking business, which annually pays about $12–15 billion to the treasury.


UK: Betting on Weather and Queen’s Horses

The British have a special attitude towards sports betting. They love to tell everyone about the history of betting as a phenomenon that marked the beginning of bookmakers about 300 years ago. As well as the fact that the first bookmakers appeared in the UK and that they operated legally there back in the days when betting was strictly prohibited throughout the rest of the world.

Sports betting is not only an integral part of British everyday life, but also part of their culture. It is curious that in the country there are no legislative restrictions on what types of events you can bet on. A separate area of betting is the Queen’s racehorse races. Elizabeth II has been receiving money from bets on her racehorses since 1988. During all this time, the queen’s horses earned her about $9 million, having taken part in almost three thousand races.

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